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The Date [FIC]

Title: The First Move
Pair: Massu and Tego
Rating: PG-13 for BL
Genre: Fluff because it is the setup to many chapters
Summary: Massu finally pops the question to Tego. No! Not that question! You've been reading one too many fanfics!

This time I’d just have to do it. Once I start there’s no turning back. Massu thought as he bit his lip and let out a big breath. He walked casually to his best friend, hands in his navy blazer’s pocket (one of the attires the school makes everyone wear). He always thought the blazer makes him look fat. But his best pal just reassures him that he looks cute just like everyone else. That is what the parents and all of the administrators plus the rest of the adults want them to look, he explained intelligently. And if he must describe himself as looking rather large, the word squishy defines him, not fat, he terminates the analysis. But on his best companion, not even the overly formal blazer makes him look the least bit unappealing. No. It actually makes him look very attractive, even more attractive than he normally is in casual clothes. No, attractive is not the word to depict what he sees. It’s more correct to the degree of sexiness, the value of where one knows it’s almost wrong to think that way. The innocent kind of sexy, the one that truly makes him look like a very stereotypic, good-looking school boy.

Massu now can feel the sweat diffusing maximally from his hands. But before he can open his mouth, Tego abruptly moves his body meeting Massu halfway and hollers a very distinct “Ohayo!” loud and perkily, waving his hand with a short burst of energy.

“Ohayo Tego-chan,” Massu monotonously belt out darting his eyes away from his junior. “Are you okay? Looks like you want something?” How can Teshi be that sensitive to pick up such a thing like that? Teshi, that name he affectionately refers to him as in his mind every time he thinks or envisions his wishful love. Massu's mind quickly reeling, Any other person would remark, “Are you okay? Looks like you’re pondering about something.” Anyway, it’s not something I want rather. It’s something I want to know.

“See, I was just wondering…” he started to walk towards the building as he nervously speaks and Tego follows by his side, nodding obediently. “I was wondering…” Massu continued uneasily finding the words. “If…” Oh gosh, he thought. I’m choking on words I already know by heart. I’ve replayed this scene in my head so many times and now it’s going blank!

“If…” Tego repeats curiously.

“If… …if you… if you… believe there really is any other life-form anywhere else besides earth,” Massu quickly blurted out from his mouth and could nearly smack himself up-side in the head.

“Hmm, yeah I’ve been pondering that for a while too. Well to tell you the truth, I don’t know. But I do know you should ask sensei since today is bring-your-own-topic day!” Tego responded cheerfully gesturing his two hands as if he just finished explaining why the sky is blue.

“Right, thanks,” Massu trails off feeling like he just missed Hailey’s comet and would have to wait another seventy years to possibly catch another glimpse of it.

“Actually I was also wondering about something else.”

“Mm, hmm… I’m all ears!”

“I wanted to know if…” and Massu comes to a soft halt and turns to Tego who simultaneously follows his lead. “I wanted to know if you want to have dinner tomorrow and watch the new flick that’s coming out. I think it’s called ‘The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Style’.” Good, he said to himself. Make it sound like you didn’t put in so much effort in asking him out. I hope that’s the name of the film, although. Stupid movie, wouldn’t even know the real name of it if it was embedded scientifically in my brain.

“Awesome!” Tego quickly exclaims enthused. “Who else is coming?” he looks at Massu smiling.

Massu didn’t honestly know what to say. This definitely was not what he practiced in front of his mirror of what seems like hundreds of times. Clearly from the look of things he should have rehearsed a little more effectively. He did not think such an answer like that would be made. But yet this is Tego. Nevertheless, anything and everything may happen in a moment’s drop of a hat with his bouncy crush.

Instinctively he defensively buries his hands in his pockets and looks down at his shoes, ineffectively shuffling the tense feet, of what he thought he was shuffling rather coolly. “Ooooooooh… Just me and you,” Tego concluded slowly with eyes darting back and forth thinking of a delicate and sophisticated reply. Even though Tego does not really do his best thinking on his feet and he surely knows of this; he suddenly, but smoothly sits down on the populated sidewalk of their many classmates and schoolmates. He totally dumbfounds Massu who is resulted in seeing a wondrous figure appear at his feet. Not only that, he also lowers his gentle fist under his chin perfectly showing he was thinking hard. Massu watched from above, amusingly fascinated, thinking this is the cutest thing he has ever seen. He looks around and quickly affirmed that he does not care how embarrassing and out of place to sit down in the middle of a crowded walkway with nearly half the school buzzing past them. Besides he gets to accompany his overly desirous romantic interest and thus he copies Tego but instead rests his elbows coolly on his knees looking very masculine.

“I don’t know if dating each other is such a good idea. I mean it could affect our friendship. Although it is kind of like hanging out like we always do. And yet I never really thought of you that way…” and just about as Tego was about to completely reject Massu, he locks his eyes with this suddenly beautiful Adonis and feels a twinge of an incredible feeling he has never felt towards him. As for a matter of fact, he has never had this kind of intuition towards anybody and especially not just by one mere look into someone’s eyes. These were not just anyone’s eyes. These were the eyes he most trusted and endeared to have fun with almost everyday since meeting in their first year of high school together. Now three, short years have past because they were filled with joyous and whole-hearted laughs plus countless, unforgettable times. How would this make our bond worse? It could do nothing but stay the same or go up from here. Tego just had to take a waft of the other side.

Massu sitting there intently awaits his hopeful answer, eyes never leaving Tego. Tego opens his mouth to finish his most anticipated ending of what could be the beginning of a perfect fairy tale or the ending of a failed attempt at mission impossible four. “I don’t know if I like you,” Tego states trying to escape his captivating eyes. “But…!” and he successfully loses the hold that Massu had on him and rapidly glances away for a moment. “I do want to see the new Tokyo DRIFT and you always pick the best restaurants. AND if I decide to become more than friends with you that is totally up to me!” he endearingly points a finger to his adorable nose. “So yes, I’d love to go out with you!”

Massu completely entranced by this angel sitting in front of him, only the word “yes” penetrated his foggy mind. He gaped, “Yes?!” Catching reality he straightens himself stroking his sculptured chest to his lovable stomach calmly and corrected himself, “I mean, yeah. Let’s go to class. We’re going to be late.” He did his best to try to keep his erupting emotions under wrapped.

A/N: Of course there’s still more to come silly!

Leave comments please since this is my first fanfic I have ever written.

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