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The Date [FIC] Part 3

Title: Let’s Go
Part of: The Date (Chapter three)
Rating: PG-13 for BL
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Mentions of: Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN
Dedication: biancamasuda (hope this is cute enough for you)

Summary: Tego is definitely through with waiting for the late Massu. But what he does not know is that as he sits on his cool porch, Massu is secretly delayed for the moment (to say the least). See if they can finally go on their date, afterall.

Chapter One

Title: The First Move
Pair: Massu and Tego
Rating: PG-13 for BL
Genre: Fluff because it is the setup to many chapters

Summary: Massu finally pops the question to Tego. No! Not that question! You've been reading one too many fanfics!

This time I’d just have to do it. Once I start there’s no turning back. Massu thought as he bit his lip and let out a big breath. He walks casually to his best friend, hands in his navy blazer’s pocket (one of the attires the school makes everyone wear). He always thought the blazer makes him look fat. But his best pal just reassures him that he looks cute just like everyone else. That is what the parents and all of the administrators plus the rest of the adults want them to look, he explained intelligently. And if he must describe himself as looking rather large, the word squishy defines him, not fat, he terminates the analysis. But on his best companion, not even the overly formal blazer makes him look the least bit unappealing. No. It actually makes him look very attractive, even more attractive than he normally is in casual clothes. No, attractive is not the word to depict what he sees. It’s more correct to the degree of sexiness, the value of where one knows it’s almost wrong to think that way. The innocent kind of sexy, the one that truly makes him look like a very stereotypic, good-looking school boy.

Massu now can feel the sweat diffusing maximally from his hands. But before he can open his mouth, Tego abruptly moves his body meeting Massu halfway and hollers a very distinct “Ohayo!” loud and perkily, waving his hand with a short burst of energy.

“Ohayo Tego-chan,” Massu monotonously belts out darting his eyes away from his junior. “Are you okay? Looks like you want something?” How can Toshi be that sensitive to pick up such a thing like that? Toshi, that name he affectionately refers to him as in his mind every time he thinks or envisions his wishful love. Usually any other person would remark, “Are you okay? Looks like you’re pondering about something.” Anyway, it’s not something I want rather. It’s something I want to know... “See, I was just wondering…” he started to walk towards the building as he nervously speaks and Tego follows by his side, nodding obediently. “I was wondering…” Massu continues uneasily finding the words. “If…” Oh gosh, he thought. I’m choking on words I already know by heart. I’ve replayed this scene in my head so many times and now it’s going blank!

“If…” Tego repeats curiously.

“If… …if you… if you… believe there really is any other life-form anywhere else besides earth,” Massu quickly blurted out from his mouth and could nearly smack himself up-side in the head.

“Hmm, yeah I’ve been pondering that for a while too. Well to tell you the truth, I don’t know. But I do know you should ask sensei since today is bring-your-own-topic day!” Tego responded cheerfully gesturing his two hands as if he just finished explaining why the sky is blue.

“Right, thanks,” Massu trails off feeling like he just missed Hailey’s comet and would have to wait another seventy years to possibly catch another glimpse of it.

“Actually I was also wondering about something else.”

“Mm, hmm… I’m all ears!”

“I wanted to know if…” and Massu comes to a soft halt and turns to Tego who simultaneously follows his lead. “I wanted to know if you want to have dinner tomorrow and watch the new flick that’s coming out. I think it’s called ‘The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Style’.” Good, he said to himself. Make it sound like you didn’t put in so much effort in asking him out. I hope that’s the name of the film, although. Stupid movie, wouldn’t even know the real name of it if it was embedded scientifically in my brain.

“Awesome!” Tego quickly exclaims enthused. “Who else is coming?” he looks at Massu smiling.

Massu didn’t honestly know what to say. This definitely was not what he practiced in front of his mirror of what seems like hundreds of times. Clearly from the look of things he should have rehearsed a little more effectively. He did not think such an answer like that would be made. But yet this is Tego. Nevertheless, anything and everything may happen in a moment’s drop of a hat with his bouncy crush.

Instinctively he defensively buries his hands in his pockets and looks down at his shoes, ineffectively shuffling the tense feet, of what he thought he was shuffling rather coolly. “Ooooooooh… Just me and you,” Tego concludes slowly with eyes darting back and forth thinking of a delicate and sophisticated reply. Even though Tego does not really do his best thinking on his feet and he surely knows of this; he suddenly, but smoothly sits down on the populated sidewalk of their many classmates and schoolmates. He totally dumbfounds Massu who is resulted in seeing a wondrous figure appear at his feet. Not only that, he also lowers his gentle fist under his chin perfectly showing he was thinking hard. Massu watches from above amusingly fascinated, thinking this is the cutest thing he has ever seen. He looks around and quickly affirms that he does not care how embarrassing and out of place to sit down in the middle of a crowded walkway with nearly half the school buzzing past them. Besides he gets to accompany his overly desirous romantic interest and thus he copies Tego but instead rests his elbows coolly on his knees looking very masculine.

“I don’t know if dating each other is such a good idea. I mean it could affect our friendship. Although it is kind of like hanging out like we always do. And yet I never really thought of you that way…” and just about as Tego was about to completely reject Massu, he locks his eyes with this suddenly beautiful Adonis and feels a twinge of an incredible feeling he has never felt towards him. As for a matter of fact, he has never had this kind of intuition towards anybody and especially not just by one mere look into someone’s eyes. These were not just anyone’s eyes. These were the eyes he most trusted and endeared to have fun with almost everyday since meeting in their first year of high school together. Now three, short years have past because they were filled with joyous and whole-hearted laughs plus countless, unforgettable times. How would this make our bond worse? It could do nothing but stay the same or go up from here. Tego just had to take a waft of the other side.

Massu sitting there intently awaits his hopeful answer, eyes never leaving Tego. Tego opens his mouth to finish his most anticipated ending of what could be the beginning of a perfect fairy tale or the ending of a failed attempt at mission impossible four. “I don’t know if I like you,” Tego states trying to escape his captivating eyes. “But…!” and he successfully loses the hold that Massu had on him and rapidly glances away for a moment. “I do want to see the new Tokyo DRIFT and you always pick the best restaurants. AND if I decide to become more than friends with you that is totally up to me!” he endearingly points a finger to his adorable nose. “So yes, I’d love to go out with you!”

Massu completely entranced by this angel sitting in front of him, only the word “yes” penetrated his foggy mind. He gaped, “Yes?!” Catching reality he straightens himself stroking his sculptured chest to his lovable stomach calmly and corrected himself, “I mean, yeah. Let’s go to class. We’re going to be late.” He did his best to try to keep his erupting emotions under wrapped.

A/N: Of course there’s still more to come silly!

Leave comments please since this is my first fanfic I have ever written.

Title: The Conversation
Part of: The Date (Chapter two)
Rating: PG-13 for BL
Genre: Crack! Fluff
Features: Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN
Dedication: Ani (the real St. Anime)

Summary: Massu and Tego prepares for their date. Massu, however, calls upon the force of Akanishi Jin for dating advice. Jin has some kooky sayings that will surely have him replaying in his head during their “magical excursion”.

A/N: If you like dialogue, there’s plenty of it towards the middle. Just get through the thought process. Enjoy!

Rinnnnng… Rinnnnnnng… The school bell sounds and signals the beginning of the highly anticipated weekend. But for Tego he knows this could well be the ending of his and his best friend’s friendship. The bell signaling the nearness and reality of their date was worrying him or was it more that he was becoming increasingly anxious as each hour passed? This morning everything was awkward. Nothing clicked or flowed anymore like it used to. For instance, Tego simply said hi in rare mellow fashion and not even a wave from his accustomed hand was produced. Massu sensing the difference went in the completely opposite direction and rebounded a hi back as cheerful as he could and tried to avoid eye contact by smiling overtly making his eyes squint diverting slightly from Tego’s beautiful, embellished ones. It was as if the tables had turned. Massu was acting like Tego and Tego doing an impression of the Massu from the day before.

This was it. The final bye before we get together tonight, the thought ran recklessly through his mind. Massu forces himself in thinking that he should initiate the last rendezvous in contrast to having Tego the everyday goofy and innocent but very oblivious bye he always receives. Pronouncing coolly, “Bye Tegoshi. I’ll pick you up at seven tonight.” Tego being surprised by this and at the same time felt specialized by the firmness of their current situation, blushes slightly.

“Sure, that sounds great!” he expressed as he subtly slips his steady hands under each of Massu’s sweaty palms. “I’d like it if you wear your white, zipped-up hoodie tonight. You know the Ecko one you got from California last summer,” Tego added flirtatiously slightly pressing himself towards Massu to tease his shattered nerves even more.

Now it was Massu’s turn to blush as he looks away. He looks back and this time straight into the eyes he is most infatuated with responding, “Of course.”

Massu could not stop his mind from jumping to the next thought and the next one. It was impossible not to brief, or should I say elongate on how soft Tego’s hands were underneath his. How many times can I possibly describe Toshi’s hands? They are just heavenly blissful, Massu over exaggerates smiling to himself peering at his outstretched hands. The tenderness he could feel from Tego’s hands for a mere half a minute but what seems to Massu like a time extending to forever and a day.

Tego was thinking alike but differently because his nerves were shot and at the same time ecstatic on how he innocently seduces Massu. That should give him a little taste of Tegoshi Yuya’s rapturous paradise and a touch of the key to my heart. Because if everyone may know already Tego is the most sensitive with the most common body part, his hands. He loves to hold, caress, massage, touch, feel and should I say rub? Huh? No way! Tego has never really been in a boy-on-boy relationship. Come to think of it, he’s never been in any real relationship period.

They were both walking and taking their sweet time. Lost, in their whirlwind of rapidly swirling thoughts; a world most people would be afraid to explore as one is mindlessly walking. Who wants to walk home and worry about what they are about to wear in several moments? For goodness sake, a parked car could hit Massu! It was hard to put a finger on who was more nerdy and cute: the bubbly Tego or the generally subtle Massu who occasionally outburst with profound dorkiness.

Massu was nearing his house and fishes for his key. Finally, he opens the door and echoes, “Konichiwa! I’m home, mama, Ann-nee-chan!” But no one responds, not a peep was heard. That’s strange… Massu thought. I certainly was not dashing my way down the streets…” he turns to the small foyer’s table and there appears a minuscule, but very official-looking note. In very important and bold handwriting, it says:

Massu-chan, mama and Ann have just won tickets to see Johnny’s Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in Tokyo!!

“Tokyo? Why that’s at least three hours away…”

YES! Ann won it form the radio station and we had to leave immediately. Sorry for such short notice but we could not get a hold of you. We will be back Sunday night. Please Massu, one thing for mama: NO GIRLS!

“Ha-ha,” Massu recites passively. Girls were the furthest thing from his mind. He continues reading…

Rabu, Mama

P.S. Ann borrowed some of your “American” clothes to fit in a little more. Hope you don’t mind.

The first thing that pops into Massu’s head is that, Wow! This is perfect! He thinks and grins foolishly as his mind fantasizes wildly. I can get ready, the way I want without any questions and pestering. Secondly, he says to himself quite mechanically, “What time is it?” It’s almost 4:30 since their school ends at 3:33, to be exact, which is awfully late. That perhaps explains why Tego is quite energetic and hyper before school begins. Four, thirty… Well nothing to do now but to wait it out… Massu being your typical guy, straight or gay, only takes a half hour (at most) to be ready for anything. Tego surely found that out by challenging him to take a full shower including brushing his teeth and washing his face all in the bathtub in a microscopic two minutes!

After Massu changes into his favourite blue t-shirt and red, plaid boxers, he hops on the computer and logs onto his MSN. He glances at his mailbox tab and sees he has one new message. It is from Jin, Akanishi Jin, his senior in university. Jin is kind of like his official mentor. Anyway, he waits for the page to load, item by item, as he stares at his living room’s digital clock. “There!” he exclaims when the text finally forms. “’Hmm… Massu! I can’t believe it! Did you do it? It reminds me of the first time I really felt for this girl in my senior year. Except she was not my best friend and she definitely did not have great hair like Yuya does. You lucky son-of-a-beach-vendor!’ What the heck?! Beach vendor, what in the world is he on? Well at least it is insulting…” sighing Massu contemplates out loudly. “’Look, tell me how it goes and I’m thinking the results came out positive if you know what I mean. I surely, hope it does. I have some pointers ready for you that you might want to use tonight. MSN me. Ignore the fact that I’m *out to lunch*. Haven’t you noticed I’m always *out to lunch*? LOL. I guess not…’ Oh Tegoshies! I could have spoken to him all this time?! What a joker! Who puts their status on “Out to Lunch” and sets it that way when they log on?” Bakanishi… he starts to type in the small message box. No, Jin’s always been sensitive of this term so I will decide to express my frustration in the form of Jin you pin!

Excuse me? Jin replies in a matter of seconds. That’s a new one almost not lame?? Anyways, sup?

Toshi said yes and we’re about to go out in one hour and six minutes.

Whoa a little too much info. Lay off desperation island little bro. And stop calling him Toshi, I don’t think he appreciates that. Oh yeah, that reminds me! You seriously need those tips. Undoubtedly.

Huh? C’mon can’t I just be myself? Besides, you’re not gay…. Unless there’s something you’ve been hiding…. ANYWAY Toshi is a pretty name and suits him well so shut up. And he doesn’t know that I call him that.
Massu replies in the normal fashion of all MSNers, expressing two or three topics at once in a minimal amount of words.

Hmmm… Don’t see my point, eh? Question: did Yuya hesitate before agreeing to join you on this magical excursion?

Huh? Why? What?

Oh nothing, just wondering…

Massu feeling like he was being backed into a trap, hesitates and then coolly responds, Uh. Okay, yeah. So?

See, this is where Dr. Love steps into you and your boyfriend’s relationship. Take it from me. After my prescription and a little dating etiquette therapy, “Toshi” will not resist you no more.

Really……. He’s not my boyfriend, Toshi is still undecided. And by the way that’s anymore, you pin-head.

STFU. And wow, you really need some help. Now first things first. You’re obviously the mannier part of this budding homo relationship…

No you STFU, this is not a “homo” thing you’re labelling it. I don’t appreciate this homophobic term.

No seriously S T F U. I’m like one of your best friends, how can I be scared of you. You can’t even scare a pigeon. ROTFL XD

F U :p

It’s true. The poor bird just sits there picking at your feet because it thinks you’re a pork bun or something! HAAHAHA

Massu came up with as the best retort.

Huh? Okay, you’re just weird. I don’t know you. You are only a patient in my office of the perfection of romance department.

…Yyyyeah. Okay. Maybe you are gay after all, you should break it off with Ani.

Jin surprised at this comment just calmly types, Hells no! I love Ani. And I bet she loves me so listen up and I’ll tell you the secret formula that will make Yuya feel the same way about you.

Massu uses his finger to spiral around the side of his temple, “Coo coo…”

First thing you must know is that you should treat him like a princess.

Uh huh and how do I do that? I’m not carrying him downtown or any crap like that. DUCKPIN

FCUK u. Big head, tiny brain, don’t comprehend. Let’s break it down. First example, what should you do when you guys are walking, for instance?

Obviously lead the way, I’m taking him out. Don’t you pay attention?

Uh yes. And WRG answer piggy.

Don’t call me that. That hurts especially after Ryo asking me why I keep eating my family.

MUAHAHAHA. Ryo’s a god! Okay, it’s the other way around.

Right. Because Yuya doesn’t even know which way is up.

Correct, but there’s an explanation to this madness.

That is? I do care to know….






Yes, I said. You really suck at being a doctor, Ani doesn’t deserve you. Besides Yamapi likes her, give him a chance.

Hell no frggin’ way. She’s mine, pig-head.

AHH STFU FISHSKIN! I’m telling Ani when she comes home from Tokyo that Pi has a thing for her.

I don’t care. Okay, anyway you fat football. (BTW footballs are made out of pig-skin just to refresh your tiny mind…) Actually, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m probably going to ask her to marry her when she gets back so I don’t care what you say to her.

:O OMG really? Ew, I’m gonna be related to a pin? And BTW, Ani’s my sister, which means she looks a lot like me. Why doesn’t anyone call her a pig?

That’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard.
Jin ignores the inquiry harshly. I’m just simply saying you should treat him like a lady, since you’re her *backspace, backspace* his knight-and-shining gentleman.

Suddenly now Massu was wondering how he comes with these ridiculous phrases and string them together to make a perfect and sensible thesis.

Okay. So I hold the door for him, help him in his seat, pay for most things, hold his purse-- *major backspacing, ENTER*

Exactly but the key is to let him walk in front of you almost all the time.

Huh? And why in the hell would I do that for? As I said before if I asked Toshi to jump he’ll say, “Where?”

Wow. ANYwho. This is to make sure he knows you’re totally checking him out.

Oooooooooo… What?! You’re so gross.

No seriously, they like sashaying and strutting their stuffing. Makes them feel a part of the date, plus they can’t help but feel ultra-sexy showing off in front of you.

Massu sits back nodding. He envisions Tego stepping seductively in front of him. Massu could feel something stiffen in his loose boxers. He continues typing, Well if you put it that way, sure!

Yeah, wow you’re excited. *wink, wink* But the thing with Yuya is a little tricky. Plus the fact that you have to change up the pace every time you guys transport yourselves to the next spot.

????????????????? Totally do not get what you’re saying. And shut up, you know I have the hots for Toshi. *blushes*

Totally not finished with what I’m saying Mr. Pop-the-Weasel.

Massu jumps back in his seat and types, Okay! Don’t wanna know the explanation for that one.

Good, ‘cause I can’t think of any…
Jin scratches his head and says, “Ow! Note to self: scratch softer… Much softer…” Continuing, before I was rudely interrupted with an awkward blonde moment from someone who only dyes their hair purple or dark blue.

Yeah and your point?

I mean your haircut is cool but do you really need to colour your hair the same tint as you came out of your mom?

WTF? Okay, guy. Leave my mama out of this and I was not asking about my hair, Full-of-Jin. Besides my hair is light brown now. I want to know what you’re getting at. What should I do to change the pace up tonight as I walk and Tego “sashays” in front of me?
…very sexily…” he added loudly.

Oh yeah! Well you know what happens when I get on the subject of hair. My bad. And also my bad for the crack about your mom, soon she’ll be my mom to. If Ani will have my hand in marriage... Jin looks up towards the ceiling expressing a sigh of anxiousness. Back to my thing-- *backspaces* pointer. Once and a while be sure to hold his hand as you are walking behind him because Tego has the thing with the hands or something. It sends fizzy, fuzzy feelings to his brain, which sends it all over his body or something like that. Please don’t ask me how I came up with this.

Really?? How do you know about that?

I just said don’t ask.

I don’t care, how do you know and I don’t?

Hmm, because you never babysat Tego before and had to take him around the amusement park for like eight hours straight. He didn’t go on the rides, no. He just held my aching hand all the time, never letting go. I tried to shake him off, scrap him off possibly with one of those plastic blow-up guitars, the thing you get from a game booth. But nope, nothing work. Except for when his mom came around, which was when he finally lets go and he holds her hand instead.

Ha-ha-ha, that’s hilarious!

Yeah, trust me it’s Tego. He’s a hands-man. And don’t mention to him that I told you this.

All right, hands it is. Hey thanks for the tips, although it was very limited but right now it’s 6:04--
Massu hits the delete button aggressively and corrects his observation. 6:05 and I got to get ready. BTW what should I wear? Toshi told me to wear my white hoodie, should I wear that?

HMMM. YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? Yes. And wear those nice baggy jeans with the belt (if you need it)… Plus a wife-beater and guess what colour you need to wear?


Let’s recap. You’re the man of the relationship remember? Huh? Huh?

Yes! Yes! I remember…

You are the mannier one!

I am the mannier one.

You. Are. The. Mannier. One.

I am the mann--
Wait! WTH am I doing? Delete, delete… Okay, I get it. I’m the knight-man-thing—what colour?

Guess again, fruit cake?

Homophobe. Ummmmmm… Purple?

Whoa, you own a purple wife-beater? Cool…

No, bakanishi. Ann has a purple one.

Jin clonks his hand with his hand and screams, “OUCH! Need to hit head softer… Much softer…” NO! WRG! COMPLETELY WRG! YOU FAIL! Sorry just had to do that and besides all this talk about Tego is seriously giving me a headache. No! Maybe *you* should be the lady and walk in front of Yuya tonight!

Hells no, I’m not “strutting my stuffing” in front of him! In front of no one! And the rest is much understood, I see that you can’t handle with so much stuff on your plate? *rolling eyes smiley*
Massu imitates the emoticon and rolls his eyes as well.

What plate? There’s a plate? Why didn’t someone tell me about this?

OMG never mind. So what colour?

OMG I would like to think I didn’t have to take you step-by-step and hold your hand as well. And everyone calls me a bakanishi; swear your name be All-Mass No-Brain!


Okay, okay, calm down. Let’s not start that again. If we continue at this rate, there will be no date. Ha! That rhymes! I’m a genius!
Quite the contrary, thought Massu. You are wearing a white hoodie that means you should wear a matching wife-beater that is the colour of…


Yes, holy crap that only took ten minutes. What a waste of my life! Final diagnosis: big head, tiny brain inflates, fully comprehends. Off on your way grasshopper.

Yeah… suuuurrre, sensei. TTYL

Be sure to tell me all about it!
Jin concludes nodding his head smirking. “Offspring of beach vendors are damn lucky...”

Right, thanks. He then puts his status on *out to lunch* just to spite Jin. “That should show him how stupid he was putting his status like that…” He pushes the button on the silver monitor as it immediately blackens and disconnects from the last support he has before leaving to the inevitable. Although he wishes Ann-nee-chan was here to style his hair, iron his clothes… Clothes! She took my clothes! Oh crap! Did she borrow my Ecko white, zipped-up hoodie from California?

Massu frantically runs into his tiny closet and lets out a screeching yelp as he bangs his head on the hanger’s bar. He suddenly collapses and slowly disintegrates into a pool of unconsciousness closing his eyes shut. He is trying hard to fight it because he immensely does not want to escape…

Chapter Three: Let’s Go

“Okay, where can Massu-kun be?” says a very fed up, raven-haired boy with his fists to his puffy cheeks. He is sitting on a porch of a very humble house. It is only 7:32 but this high-maintenance, uptight specimen will not take any unpunctuality. Even though it is evident that he is growing incredibly fonder of his adorable pursuer. “That’s it! I’m going to find him!” Tego quickly picks himself up and heads off in one direction. He suddenly puts a squishy finger to his chin and mutters, “Oops, wrong way,” letting out a girly giggle.

The breathless boy arrives at a white, rather palatial residence and knocks feverishly hollering, “Massu! Massu! It’s me! Tegoshi Yuya! You better not be standing me up! I’m too precious? Anyway, let me in! Masuda-kun?” Tego gives up and turns on his feet and once more puts on his thinking cap. He does not forget to lower himself in his favourite pondering position with a signature, relaxed fist mechanically inclined to his face. I know he’s here… “But he doesn’t usually take this long to get ready. This is so sucky! What if I can break in… Dangerous Tegoshi is being released,” he states taking his outstretched hand and pulls it across his serious face. “Tegoshi-ness,” is what he mysteriously calls out. A very elderly man catches a glimpse of this and his eyebrows are considerably raised, looking quite frightened for his dear, fragile life. Tego weakly stands up and says piteously, “Konichiwa…” placing his arms along side his nicely toned hips bowing respectfully. But much to his surprise, the elder picks up a great deal of speed, almost losing his assisting cane, literally rushing down the street. “Uh!” Tego cries in disgust.

Tego looks around at the tall house and spots one, solitary open window on the second floor. “On the second floor?” Tego whines loosening his body. “Who cares. I have to confront the face that dares to stand me up to a date that wasn’t even my idea to begin with!” He starts climbing away on a tree nearby. Brach by branch, he grasps and shockingly he manages it with ease. “Hmm. Those ballet classes really do pay off,” Tego compliments himself and pats his back proudly.

He is now in the luxuriously decorated hall with many fine traditional and modern Japanese pieces. Paintings are strategically displayed and a brilliant portrait of Massu’s family is hung at the end of the hall taken about five years ago. Tego tries to remember which way Massu’s bedroom is. He instead resorts to sniffing his way there knowing Massu’s strong, manly smell. The mix consists of musk, a substance obtaining especially from a small Asian deer (the musk deer) used as a perfume fixative. But not to be left out, the other half is loads of antiperspirant deodorant. “Here it is!” Tego happily screams and wipes his tired nose. He inspects the room and not a soul is in sight. “Well at least I get to look around,” Tego announces rudely. He starts at the closet, where any other inspiring gay teenager would begin, but then appalls when he sees Massu spread out upon the cold tiled floor, practically faced down. “Oh my lord! What happened to you?” Tego asks frankly to no one except for the sleeping beauty at his feet. He tries to wake him up but then thinks up a diabolical plan to bring him back to life. His full-proof method was to tickle his pudgy feet and do it profusely. Nothing changes to his astonishment. “Ah! I give up!” and lays his head upon Massu’s, accidentally touching his lip to the older boy’s delicate eye.

“Mmmm… Toshi-kun… is that… you…?” a voice emerges from the dimly lit floor.

“Toshi?! Who is this Toshi you speak of? Answer me!” And these are the magic words that command the weary boy to open his pained eyes.

“Tego… What are you doing here? I thought… I was picking you up…” he expresses gradually with a great amount of effort.

“Yeah one thing, piggy. You passed out and now it’s about 8 o’ clock.”

“Piggy? Stop it, everyone…” and Massu playfully swats his hands imaginarily pushing people away.

“Okay. Clearly Ryo-san really gets to you.”

“M’m…” he agrees pleasurably stretching his arms with extended legs looking like a satisfied starfish.

“So apparently I’m Toshi, I’d expect?”

“Ummm…” he embarrassingly panics. “Yes you are my Toshi-kun..” and with that out in the open; Massu closes his puffy eyes, slowly leaning in for a sensual kiss. But unfortunately nothing is returned.

Tego firmly turns on a dime and dictates, “Massu. This is our only first date. I can’t carelessly kiss you now. Plus the fact that we didn’t even go out yet. We must… pace ourselves!” Spoken like a true Japanese character in a classic dorama, he stiffens his arm and lets it honorably drop in front of him.

“Right then,” opening his eyes and disappointedly grasps the air in front of him where Tego used to be, pulling it back to its restful position. I was so close… Massu recite inside his head once again. The last closely successful kiss is when Massu was carrying an umbrella on his rainy way to school and Tego-chan joins him under it. Their lips almost contact after Massu agrees to share his protective shelter, but the bus arrives instead breaking their enclosed bond. “That reminds me…” Massu casually slips to his selves and returns to tap Tego on his shoulder. “This is what would have happened if I was not knocked out by my own closet.” He presents Tego with an elegant box of delectable chocolates and a flawless, romantic lilac. Bowing respectfully (in his goofy, blue t-shirt and red, plaid shorts with messy, punky hair) he choppily says, “Konichiwa Tegoshi-chan. You look very nice.”

Tego drops his jaw and gasps, “For me?” setting his hands, one upon the other, on his priceless heart. “You shouldn’t have. I don’t have anything to give you…” So he compensates with a gentle embrace. Massu happily hugs him back warmly, perversely smiling into his soft, delicately aromatic shoulder.

They eventually break apart but Tego keeps his hand clasped within Massu’s masculine one. He really does like hands. Weird… For once, Jin is totally right! Ha! “Look as much as I’m enjoying this we should really be going, so let me quickly wash up and we can be on our way.” Massu formulates his proposition trying hard to free his hand forcefully. He literally tries to push the younger one’s palm and tight fingers away from his.

“Oh… Okay…” Tego finally grants sounding slightly bummed out.

Massu picks up a few clothes such as the coveted wife-beater, his nice, baggy jeans and a black, leather belt. Listening to Jin’s advice he was missing one, but monumental component. Massu nicely requests, “Can you check if my evil closet has my hoodie you want me to wear? I think Ann-nee-chan may have taken it.”

“All right, but don’t expect me to find it in this pig sty,” Tego expresses absent-mindedly.

“I’m not a pig and this place does not look like pigs occupy it either,” Massu snaps defensively.

“Right, and I am the queen of England,” Tego says sarcastically.

“Yeah… you wish…” Massu chuckles. He thinks, No you are not the queen of England, although you are the queen of my heart… Ruling and possessing my every fanatical whim.

Massu finishes his shower in an amazing seven minutes, stepping out his steamy bathroom to find Tego’s head connecting to the floor of his bedroom, looking as bored as hell. “Finally! And here’s your sassy hoodie,” he lifts up the infamous piece of outer garment, resting his head on his stiff hand.

“Thanks, I’ll put it on when we get going,” Massu explains who is decked out in a tight-fitting wife-beater, sexily exposing his moderately ripped arms. Tego observes, amused, but could not take the hold-up anymore. So he follows Massu who is in his washroom blow-drying his hair carefully.

Tego unnoticeably slips behind the clueless Massu and sits down behind the larger figure. He takes both of his lengthy arms and wraps them securely around the bottom of Massu’s waist, resting his tired head on his rebounding bum. “Hey!” they both yell out together.

“What are you doing?” Massu abruptly shuts off his fancy blow-dryer.

“Oh me? Well I really like your bum, that’s all.”

“Okay… But do you really have to show that now that I’m trying to dry my hair?”

“Yes, it’s the least you can do for putting our date on hold for-- like -- ev-er!” and with the last three words, as each syllable is annunciated, Tego purposely squeezes his grip on Massu. Massu being sensitive in his (well) sensitive area, bucks and shutters each time.

“Okay! Okay! I can’t concentrate like this no matter how much I like it. Could you please let go?”

“Bribe me! Make me! Force me! Take me awaaaay!” Tego cries childishly drving his cheek further and further into his rear-end.

“Okay, okay stop! I can’t take anymore! I’ll… I’ll let you hold my hand!” Massu desperately offers not knowing why anyone would trade that for a measly hand.

“All right!” Tego winningly yelps out. He takes Massu’s hand firmly, his right cheek still glued to his buttocks. Massu shakes his head, smiling affectionately. He takes the imprisioned hand and struggles to switch the blow-dryer on. Massu closes his eyes, squinting defensively and takes the blow-dryer, experimentating with it wildly.

“Oh dude, I’m starving!”

“Oh dude, my hand’s starving! For air!” and with this told, the younger one retaliates by tightening his grip on Massu’s palm.

“Fine! Two can play this game…” and the older one closes the hold on Tego’s hand as well.

“Ah! Ah! Ooow! Let go!” Tego barks girly for the first time in his short-lived life, rubbing the back of his hand furiously.

“Okay… If you say so…” Massu grins and shakes his hand in freedom.

“Kay, let’s eat!” Tego declares massaging his tummy.

“Sushi!!” They both squeal simultaneously with both of their index fingers extending in a shooting gesture. Even though they only have been acquainted with each other for three short years, they certainly know each other’s souls or is it more correct to say, stomachs?

Massu holds the door open for his pretty princess to step through and locks the door officially initiating their long anticipated date. Tego is fashionably clad with a simple, black, zipping sweater and an excellent fitting pair of jeans. Massu could not help but to have peered at his awesome assets behind the manly, back pockets with light embroidery. He waits patiently for Tego to start walking but instead they stare intensely at each other, silently fighting who should first lead the journey. Breaking the intensified silence, he nags, “C’mon you know the way… Masuda-kun…”

“Ohe? What did you just call me?”

“Massu…” Tego slyly denies looking at his feet.

But obviously not clear enough for the person who closely listens and watches Tego’s every move for the past year. “No, you didn’t. You clearly addressed me with words I adorably like…”

“Yeah, okay. Don’t flatter yourself,” and like that Tego walks off heading in opposite direction of the downtown’s famous sushi bar. Massu reaches for his hand and terribly misses, swatting his perfectly shaped bum. “Hey! What in Tokyo’s name was that?!” Tego quickly turns around bashfully with two hands on each of his fiery ends.

“Uh… Sorry… I couldn’t resist?” and this time he does apply a loud, crisp smack upon his wet forehead.

“Ohe? I see… At least you’re pacing yourself.”

Massu then successfully grasps his hand intertwines his fingers within his. He pulls him into a tight hug, informing the puzzled one, “This way hun…”

“Oh! Oops! Thanks dar-ling!” Tego expresses embarrassingly giving Massu a flirty wink. Massu immediately explodes inside and wets his upper lip. Quickly changing the subject, Tego cutely inquires, “I thought your hand was hyper-ventilating, suffocating to a desiring death a minute ago.”

Massu remembering Jin in saying he should change the pace up every once in a while, harshly drops the precious hand. But of course Jin probably did not mean to let go of his hand just after a couple of seconds of heavenly delight. “I guess I forgot,” Massu retorts teasingly, peeking his fat tongue out. Afterwards, Massu irresistibly watches Tego work up a speed from a sluggish walk to a full-on, high-fashion strut. Massu, on the other hand, stops. He tells his mind to rightfully calm his erecting member by picturing his virginal mama to his innocent Ann-nee-chan, but results in an image of her soon-to-be fiancé, Jin. “Yuck!” Massu quietly utters his breath and congratulates himself in returning to a stable, normal state. He suddenly picks up his feet and runs toward the furthering Tego ready to face a night of bliss.

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