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newbie alert

Hey. This is me, msxtakahisa. I'm 17 and live in Toronto, Canada. I am very fond of Massu (to say the least). I first liked him as soon as I saw his picture with News as shown below:

So I cut him out of the photo and named it, "OMG WHO IS THIS". LOL because even though I totally did not know who he was, I was flipping out and wondering why is he standing in a line with the other very good-looking boys.

Then about two weeks later I saw a NewS meledy, not knowing that my mystery cute man was in this group and the last song "Cherish" took my heart by storm. So I searched on youtube for the Cherish PV. I waited patiently as the video loads and watched bit by bit. All of sudden I see the cutest guy starting to sing to me, yes the first guy that sang.

I asked my friend, Ani (st_anime) who was that guy. She responded, "Who? Uchi?". So I googled "Uchi" on images and saw a few pics of his perfect profile and said, "No, that's defitnitely not him." Then she said, "Okay, it's Tegoshi then." Being a human of habit I went and googled Tego and got a few pics, which looked much closer to Massu than the chisled, Uchi. Therefore, I replied once again, "Nope, that's not him either." So Ani then took a screencap of the first guy that sings and sent to me. I immediately jumped with excitement when I first saw it and declared, "Yeah! That's him. What's his name?" She answered, "Masuda," and I forever lost my heart to the chubby-cheeked boy.

To show you how much I love Massu, I put together six wallpapers for you, only one condition: you must comment. Enjoy!
(Follow the instructions, in their names, on a few of them for the best background)

Many Faces of Massu

sexy back

Playful One

Goofy One

Don't Look at Me Like that...

Less Faces of Massu

...To show you how much I love Massu, I put together a few wallpapers for you. [click above]

(just a teaser)


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